Remote Backup and Data Storage

Remote Backup and Data Storage is a vital component of any IT system and we thoroughly recommend you use our EMIR Backup solution to keep all your data [not just EMIR data] safe and secure with minimal effort on your part!

We all know that backing up your data is vital, but, every year, we have at least one customer that unfortunately has a ‘crash’, and then finds his backup hasn’t been done, hasn’t worked properly or simply isn’t up-to-date! The resultant data loss is painful and expensive, with the time and costs associated with the re-keying of data, or paying high fees [from £1k to £15k] to have data retrieved from damaged disks – all of this while your I.T. system is unusable!
According to a recent survey, the average cost of just performing successful ‘data backups’ for UK companies runs at around £3,000. This includes purchasing the various backup medias, performing the backup and ensuring it is stored safely – how many of you leave your backups on site – are you sure they are safe from Fire/Flood/Theft etc.?
Not only is it a pain to perform the backup [often being done during working time to make sure it can be taken off site at the end of the day], but you also have to make someone responsible for ensuring they happen and hopefully, someone responsible for checking that your backups have worked [do you check yours?].
All in all, backing up data is not a simple task, and usually relies on one or more persons to ensure they happen [and hopefully someone covers them when they are off!]. 

Well, we have a far better solution for you. By simply using our EMIRBackup software that installs on your chosen Master PC or Server, we can help you to schedule the backup of any data you want, across your existing broadband connection, to our fast servers at a specialist Data Centre. This means that no-one has to start it, no-one has to watch it, no-one has to check it, and no-one has to take it off site either! You don’t have to buy any tapes, CD’s, memory sticks or any other media at all, and it is stored away from your site in one simple operation [so is safe from Fire/Flood/Theft, etc]. The data is also encrypted by your own set password, and so even we can’t tell what your data is – it is totally secure! 

  • You can backup up to a whopping 10GB of data on our EMIRBakup software, and can even include special databases like Microsoft Exchange [requires EMIRBackup+] in addition to your Word files, Excel files, EMIR files, and any other files that you may create.
  • You can retrieve/restore any files back to your system at any time, as the data is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You can even use a Web interface, with your user name and password, and copy key documents from your backup onto your laptop, via the internet, while you are away from the office.
  • The backup also compresses your files and performs incremental backups [only those files that have changed] to make it even quicker and means that you can probably backup up to 16GB of data into 10GB of our server space!
  • It also keeps up to 28 days of changes in your data, so you can find files you deleted up to 28 days ago! 

It’s just so easy and reliable and will work for you!

So where’s the catch I hear you ask? Well there isn’t one! We’ll even give you a 30-day free trial of EMIRBackup, so you can backup and restore up to 10GB of data for yourself. You too can see the confirmation emails that are sent at the end of each backup or restore operation, so you can have piece of mind that your backup has been successful.
After the trial you can continue using the software for, typically, £1.50 a day, which we will invoice monthly by Standing Order. So, £1.50 a day for total piece of mind that your data is stored safely, securely and remotely - without the need for human intervention!
All the hassle and worry related to taking proper backups of your data will be gone – trust me, it what’s we do now, and even we can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner!
Please contact us if you would like to trial this service.

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