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Rapid Solutions LLC, Azerbaijan

Rapid Solutions Motor Repair Centre is a brand new facility in the Shikhov District of Baku, Azerbaijan, and has excellent facilities offering the Caspian Region services in motor rewind, Ex repair and overhaul, dynamic balancing, vibration analysis and condition monitoring.

They also provide sales and service of gearboxes, pumps, fans, vacuum units and also undertake a lot of offshore work to support the oil industry that is prominent around the Caspian.

Location : Baku, Azerbaijan
System : EMIR Standard System ['pluggable technology' version]

Project Background

It’s not every day that we get asked to install a system in Azerbaijan, so we were a tad surprised when we were contacted by Rehan Shaffi - as a result of an offer we had sent out to AEMT members. The obvious difficulty in selling our software to such far and distant lands is that it is quite costly and time-consuming to provide a demonstration!
In this case, we were very fortunate that Neil Cassidy, the Division Manager of Rapid Solutions newly opened Motor Repair Centre in Baku, was from the UK. Neil was formerly the Works Manager of Dowding & Mills in Bromborough. Now while he had never used EMIR, and only a selected few have ever seen it at D&M (!), we were fortunate Neil knew two EMIR users well and took references from Dave Crowley at E&C in Pembrokeshire, and from Carl Murphy at Central Electric in Liverpool. These references were obviously glowing [thanks guys!], and gave Neil and Rehan enough confidence to purchase the basic EMIR system without seeing it for themselves! This also gave us the opportunity, during the implementation and training, to demonstrate the rest of the system to them, and they subsequently purchased all the other EMIR modules. So a worthwhile trip all round!
As Rehan explains, the search for suitable software became an easy choice in the end:
“We needed a software solution that seamlessly integrated with our business processes and allowed us to control the day to day running of the facility. EMIR stood out as it is aimed specifically at the electro-mechanical repair, sales and service industry. When evaluating various software packages we paid particular attention to the total cost of ownership, i.e. the cost that is more than the original cost of purchasing the software and hardware. Unlike other software packages EMIR had a significant lower total cost of ownership and came with a host of benefits making our choice easy in the end."

Neil Cassidy, the Division Manager, initially shared his time between the UK and Baku, but with his wife joining him, is now full-time in Baku. He has been responsible for managing the process and getting the new repair facility up and running, and says that EMIR has played a key part in that process…
“Prior to my arrival in Baku, Senior Management at Rapid Solutions had recognised that there was a requirement for a specific software system that was suited to our operation at the Motor Repair Centre. After considering the information in the AEMT offer, Rapid Solutions asked for my opinion on the suitability of the EMIR system. I had no direct experience with the system, but with a bit of research, I discovered two users of the system with whom I have had good working relationships over many years and whose opinions I could rely upon. Receiving encouraging endorsements of the EMIR system from both Carl and Dave gave me confidence that the EMIR system would be the right choice for Rapid Solutions."


System : EMIR Standard System ['pluggable technology' version]
User Licenses : 2
Modules : Basic, Stock, Purchasing, Quoting, Asset Management

Customer Feedback

Rehan Shaffi: "By deploying EMIR we have managed, with relative ease, to integrate our business processes with software that is based on ‘best practice’. As a result our business processes, Motor Repair personnel and EMIR together give us the ability to run our facility with higher levels of productivity and customer service, whilst simultaneously controlling our costs.”

Neil Cassidy: "The past 12 months have been both challenging and exciting times here in Baku. The EMIR system is now an integrated part of our daily life and has contributed greatly to the progress and success we have achieved in such a short time.”

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Date of Issue : February 2009


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